Tenement Blend


Producer – Smallholder farms
Region –    70% Colombia Rio Magdelena/30% Brazil Corrego Bonita
Altitude –  1200m/1850m
Varietal –   Cattura/Catuai
Harvest –  Oct-Jan/May-Sept
Process –  Wet Process/Natural
Country –  Colombia/Brazil

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Tenement Blend 250G – 1KG



  1.  (especially in Scotland or the US) a room or a set of rooms forming
      a separate residence within a house or block of flats.
Our house blend Tenement is a full bodied and velvety smooth balanced espresso which will banish the morning blues.
It consists of two superior high altitude beans which are roasted to their own unique profiles.The Colombian Rio Magdalena lot is made up of coffees from 3182 smallholders from the municipalities of San Agustin, Gigante and Garzon, in the centre and south of the Huila region. All of the contributing producers grow coffee on plots of land ranging between 1 and 5 hectares, where they also live and share work on the farms with their families. The producer groups are well supported by one of our export partners, Inconexus, and receive training on pre and post-harvest production to help them improve quality and receive higher premiums for their coffees. The farmers are also collectively members of a Coffee Growers Federation, where they can access support and training around specific aspects of farm management. The quality of the lot shone through on the cupping table during sampling and pre-shipment testing, with red cherry, forest fruits, chocolate and caramel in the cup.
The Brazil Corrego Bonito is grown in area situated on the border of Sul De Minas and the Cerrado in the mountainous region of Illicnea with farms rising from 1100 – 1320 masl before the land falls away into the expanse of the cerrado.  The area is made up of 6 communties. This beautiful area is blessed with a micro climate that provides conditions for producing unique and intriguing coffees.  Fazenda Corrego Bonito retired form being a truck driver to start life as a coffee farmer. He lives on the farm with his son Luis Fernando who came on board 5 years ago to help his father produce specialty grade coffee. The farm has one small house where they live, and they own one tractor that helps with the work on the farm. They are working with Cocatrel Direct to help improve their yield and quality of coffee. During harvest they collect the coffee by hand before leaving it to dry on patio’s in the natural sun for 17 days. Here it is then left to rest before being taken to be milled.

Expect notes of sweet orange acidity with paneta, milk chocolate and a smooth body.  Together the compliment of these beans results in a balanced, smooth bodied luxurious espresso to be enjoyed throughout the day.

Recommended Dose
Dose –  18-20g
Yield –  36g
Time –  28seconds
Temp –  96˚

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Whole Bean, Cafetiere, Filter, Aeropress, Moka Pot, Espresso Machine


250G, 1KG


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